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Poultry Journals

Poultry Journals




PJ4.  "Game Breeder & Sportsman" September 1940. Vol. XLV, No.9.  Magazine in good condition, lots of old adverts, some numbers written in pencil lightly on front cover, 20 pages.  Contents: Nesting Habits and Nesting Losses of the Wild Turkey in Virginia, Part 1, Enemies of Quail, On the Game Farm, Zoned Shooting, Arms and Ammunition, Sporting Dogs, plus regular features.  

PJ5.   A4 sized advertisement of "The Saunders Forced Draft Incubators" Text and illustrations on both sides of page. Models shown are the SFD 144 egg and the SFD 288 egg incubators. From Saunders Products Pty Limited, Adelaide, South, Australia, 5000.


PJ7.   "Poultry Tribune" April, 1939, America's Leading Poultry Farm Magazine. In good condition, but first few pages are coming away from spine at the top, lots of regular features, plus these special articles: Eight Sound Poultry Practices by Dr MA Jull, Meyers specializes with ducks, watch egg quality, raise more pullets with a range shelter, brooding problems, 10 chick troubles to recognise, motors and machinery, battery management, Eberhardt raises capons, How Habegger manages 1,200 layers, lots of old photos and adverts and more.

PJ8.   "Poultry Tribune" June 1939, America's Leading Poultry Farm Magazine. In good condition, lots of regular features, plus these special articles: Tips from Poultry Tribune Experimental Farm, More Summer and Fall Eggs from old hens, Motors and Machinery, Poultry Congress July 1939, Battery Management, Canning Time again, and more.



PJ11.   "SA Poultry News" The Official Organ of SA Specialist Clubs, March 1945. Vol 111, No. 3.  Many old adverts, especially for incubators, club news, features: washing fowls for show, Sussex Club of South Australia, The Duckers' Page - breeding of Standard Fawn and White Runner Ducks, Victorian Pigeon Society, The Fancy in WA - by "Barred Rock", Maoriland Columbarian Causerie, Canary Breeding and Management.

PJ12.   "SA Poultry News" September 1945, Volume VIII, No 9. In very good condition. 24 pages. Front cover shows a young White Fantail Champion. Contents: The Renmark Show, All Game Club of SA, The battery laying systsem for poultry (trials at Parafield Poultry Station by Allan McArdle), pigeons pioneered first air mail, vitamins, Modenas, Melbourne Pigeon Society, Maoriland Columbarian Causerie, Canary breeding and management, and more.