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Plant Books

Pl1.    Backcoller, I "Your Garden Book of Flower Arrangement" The art of drying, prolonging the life of and arranging flowers and other plant materials, Angus & Robertson, 1st edition, 1974. Hardcover in as new condition, dust jacket is also in excellent condition, 19 x 26 cms, colour illustrations throughout, 120 pages. Contents include: ways of drying and preserving plant materials, flowers for drying, leaves for drying, berries - bark - pods - seeds - bare branches for drying, conditioning methods for fresh materials, treating fresh flowers, treating foliage - branches - fruits and vegetables, some hints for better flower arranging, equipment for drying, conditioning and arranging.

Pl2.   Baker, R St Barbe "I Planted Trees" Lutterworth Press, London, 1st edition, 1944.  Black and white frontispiece shows a photograph of the author, 46 photographs by author in book.  Autobiography of the founder of The Men of the Trees, Late Assistant Conservator of Forests in Kenya Colony and the Southern Provinces of Nigeria.  Hardcover in green cloth in good condition, cover shows some minor wear, a few rubs and a few small stains, no dust jacket, 262 pages.  This is his account of full adventurous living for the sake of his beloved trees, we can see that undimmed vision and unwavering purpose do produce results.   Contents: Tree heritage, Bees and Trees - Canada's Call, The Great War, Adventures in Kenya, Forests and the Ancients, Men of the Trees - Past and Present, Forestry in Germany, Adventures in Silviculture, Life's changing pattern, Planting in the Holy Land, The Feast of the Trees, The Rebirth of Palestine, Settling Boys in Canada, Adventures in America, Westward Bound, The Golden Land, The Land of A-O-Tea Roa, Australia, Ceylon - Vision and Mission, Vision Fulfilled, Forests of today and tomorrow, index.  



Pl5.   "Chrysanthemums their colorful kin and friends" 1979. Murray Book Distributors Pty Limited. pp111. This 22cm x 26cm book and dust wrapper are in perfect condition, packed with glossy, color illustrations.   It's a step by step rundown on their cultivation, methods of potting, fertilising, staking out, designing beds for the flowers, common diseases, exhibition standards and much more.

Pl6.   "Flowers of Western Australia" Photographed by Helen Ogden, Coloured in Oils by Ida Richardson, 1952.  Softcover in good condition, outer cover is worn at spine, but no major damage, 22 colour plates. This little book contains illustrations which are of considerable importance to the botanist. They represent faithfully the flowers they depict. Illustrations include - Banksia, Orchids, Wattle, Myrtle, Boronia, Gum, Kangaroo Paw, Hibiscus, Geraldton Wax, Catspaw, Christmas Tree, Sturt Desert Pea and more.

Pl7.  Hailstone, P "Modern Design in Floral Art" The Jacaranda Press, 1st edition, 1979. Softcover in perfect condition, as new, 86 pages, colour illustrations throughout. Contents: Principles of design, elements of design, making an arrangement - the techniques, modern arrangements, modern massed arrangements, freestyle, abstract desgins, modern Wall hangings and collages, stabiles mobiles and stamobiles, units into sets.  

Pl8.   Hurley, PJ "Australian Rose Growing for Amateurs" Dymock's Book Arcade, Sydney, 1947.  Hardcover in good condition, outer spine is faded, no dust jacket, colour plates and black and white plates, 136 pages. Contents: Rose varieties in Australia, Rose reflections, historical, soil for roses, Manures and manuring, a Collection of Selections, planting, cultivation over the growing season, pruning, diseases and pests of roses, planning rose gardens, a dictionary of roses.  

Pl9.   Macoboy, Stirling "What Flower is that?" Lansdowne Press, 1981.  Hardcover book in fabulous condition, dust jacket in very good condition, slight small tear at top of spine, 317 pages, over 1,000 photographs in full colour. This book lists over 600 groups of plants, trees, shrubs and vines, including many charming Australian natives. The practical information required by the amateur gardener is supplied in each entry; the conditions the plant enjoys, the varieties available, how and when it is propagated, how much cultivation and fertilisation it needs, and its advantages and disadvantages for the home garden. A full index of all known popular names for the included plants makes the book easy to use and helps the reader locate plants he many only remember by one of many common names.  Would make a fantastic present for a garden enthusiast or a reference to keep forever on the shelf ready to be used.

Pl10.   Reader's Digest "Complete Guide to Indoor Plants" 1981. Hardcover book in excellent condition, profusely illustrated in colour, 496 pages, 22 x 28 cms. Contains everything you could possibly want to know about indoor plants. Contents: appreciating indoor plants, using plants indoors, plant shapes, grouping plants, brightening small areas, using medium size areas, using large areas, climbing and trailing plants, decorative baskets, plant supports, room dividers, using window areas, plants in containers, gottle gardens, miniature gardens, garden rooms, caring for indoor plants, light, temperature and humidity, watering, feeding, potting and repotting, pruning, support and training, propagation, alternative growing methods, the A  - Z guide, Finder's guide, plant health, families of indoor plants.

Pl11.   St. Cloud Muse, E "A Baby's Garden, Introducing Your Baby to the Joys of the Garden" Publisher: Little Brown and Company, New York, First Edition, 2001.   Hardcover in excellent condition, brand new, no flaws or marks, 45 pages.   Great gift for an expectant mother who enjoys gardening. Overview:  With the help of this whimsically illustrated and lovingly written keepsake journal, you can create and record precious moments spent with your baby in the garden. The earliest perceptions of childhood make the most indelible impressions. Whether it is listening to birds singing, smelling the grass or the flowers, or throwing leaves in the air to watch them fall, here are ideas for everyday adventures. Through joint explorations of nature, you can stimulate your child's senses and together experience the sights, sounds, textures, and scents of your own backyard. With A Baby's Garden you can treasure these first seasons in the garden for years to come.    Space for photographs, collections of findings, notes, hand prints, bird watching, special memories.  Contents: Introduction, birds, grass, dirt, flowers, wind, shadows, bugs and bees, herbs, airplanes, leaves, chilly days, quiet time.



Pl14.   "Weeds of Western Australia" This is a collection of 20 bulletins put out by the Department Of Agriculture in Western Australia between 1928 and 1945 and bound together. Most leaflets have full page botanical drawings, very well done general by C A Gardner, and one has a folding map. Several Black and white photographs. The first pamphlet has the previous owner's name neatly written at the top of the page. The binding is amateur but tidy. Included are: The Bathurst Burr (Leaflet 684, 1942); Blackberry Eradication (Leaflet 625, 1940); The Blackberry or Bramble (Leaflet 769, 1944); Hoary Cress (Leaflet 804, 1945); Ragwort (Leaflet 633, 1940); Berkheya or Hamelin Thistle (Leaflet 704, 1942); Wild Flax (Leaflet 700, 1942) (2 copies); Canada Thistle (Leaflet 423, 1934); Yellow Burweed (Leaflet 709, 1942); Cape Tulip (Leaflet 730, 1943); Sorrel (Leaflet 254, not date c.1928); Nut Grass (Leaflet 274, 1929); Mexican Poppy (Leaflet 315, 1931); Skeleton Weed (Leaflet 441, 1935); St John's Wort (Leaflet 447, 1935); The Wild Turnip (Leaflet 310, 1933 with a folding map); Tree Balsam or Gascoyne Poison (Leaflet 528, 1937); The Common Thornapple (Leaflet 158, 1935); Paterson's Curse (Leaflet 170, 1933).

Pl15.   Went, FW  "The Plants" Time-Life International, 1968.  Hardcover in good condition, book is coming away from cover at the spine. A very detailed and informative book, many colour illustrations, diagrams and photographs. 194 pages, covers the wide diversity of plants, their structure, their pigments, lifestyles, and much much more. Contents include: the green world, evolution of plants, plants from the sea, tiniest plants, fungi, leaf bearers, seed bearers, flowering plants, anatomy of plant cells, mitosis, the plant as a chemical factory, trees, St Louis Climatron - conceived and built by the author of this book. Meat eating plants, living shelter, and SO much more.