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Sport Books

S1.    Commonwealth Games  "Edmonton 1978 The Official Pictorial Record of the XI Commonwealth Games" Executive Sport Publications Limited, 1978. A collector's record of results, includes official statistics, quality art photographs, full colour gloss throughout. Hardback 28cm x 22cms, in very good condition, dust jacket ragged.

S2.   Conley, K  "Stud Adventures in Breeding" Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2002. Hardcover in very good condition, dust jacket in very good condition, pictorial endpapers, 209 pages. Overview:  Every year on Valentine's Day, the great Thoroughbred farms open their breeding sheds and begin their primary business. Stud takes us into this strange and seductive world. We move from Lexington's Overbrook Farm, where the world's leading sire, Storm Cat, a lightly raced eighteen-year-old, earns thirty-five million dollars a year; to the auction halls, where sheiks and bookies bid millions for Storm Cat's well-bred offspring. We visit Three Chimneys, where the twenty-seven-year-old Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew, a senior citizen by equine standards, makes a rousing return to active duty after spinal surgery, and stroll through Running Horse Farm, on the banks of the Rio Grande, where a nearly unmanageable colt, Devil Begone, has found peace and prosperity servicing desert mares like Patty O'Furniture. In California, we meet Cee's Tizzy, one of the state's busiest stallions and the sire of the swift-heeled Tiznow, the 2000 Horse of the Year and the first horse to win back-to-back Breeders' Cup Classics.    Cheap stud, top stud, old stud, wild stud, from the Hall of Fame horse to harem stallion with his feral herd, Stud looks at intimate acts in idyllic settings and the billion dollar business behind them.

S3.   Guest, L "The Payne Stewart Story" with reflections by Former President George Bush, Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 2002.  Softcover in very good condition, 201 pages.  Contents: Reflections, The End of a New Beginning, The Flight, The Dark Bulletin, Sweet Eulogy, The Rascal, The Knickers, Jake Trout and the Flounders, The Mayor of Waterville, Trouble on Sunday, A Taste of Victory, Finding the "Zone", From Churl to Champ, Payne's Legacy. Payne Stewart's Tournaments, Scores, and Winnings.     Overview:  The international outpouring of grief over the death of Payne Stewart stunned many who closely follow professional golf. There was a time on the PGA Tour when Stewart was roundly disliked by his competitors. Many thought he was insensitive and immature. His trademark knickers bugged them. Players saw him as a show off who did not have the game to justify his cheek. But over time, Stewart proved that he could back up his swagger with tenacity and a silky swing. Quietly, Stewart pursued a spiritual conversion that changed his outlook and attitude. He grew up. He embraced tolerance and respect for others. He would go on to win three major championships and the respect and love of those in his life. He converted the dissenters. The world of professional golf grew to adore him for his talent and flair. He built huge followings in Australia, Japan, England, and especially Scotland. There was laughter whenever Payne Stewart was around. The Payne Stewart Story is based on author Larry Guest's one hundred hours of taped interviews with Stewart's family and friends and Tour players -- more than forty persons in all -- as well as with pilots and government officials who investigated the bizarre plane crash that took the lives of Stewart and five others in October 1999.

S4.    Kaminsky, Peter  "The Moon Pulled Up An Acre of Bass" A FLYRODDER'S ODYSSEY AT MONTAUK POINT, Publisher: Hyperion Books, First Edition, 2001.  Softcover  244 pages.  Overview:  While fishing off Montauk Point on a clear October evening, Peter Kaminsky watches an acre of silver-sided striped bass come to the surface of the sea. Struck with wonder, the author fulfills a dream shared by many anglers as he takes a month off from city life and fishes every day in the midst of the world's greatest wildlife migration: the convoy of fish and whales, butterflies and birds that streams past Montauk Point each autumn. This is the story of one man's love affair with Montauk in the fall, after the crowds and movies stars have left eastern Long Island. It is a clear and intimate celebration of the lure of fly-fishing, the story of an ocean teeming with life and the people drawn to it: obsessed anglers, jealous guides, dedicated scientists, hardened shark hunters, and the fast-disappearing community of straight-talking local fishermen who have lived off the bounty of these waters for generations.  FLY FISHING, ANGLER.

S5.    King, Billie Jean "Billie Jean King" The Autobiography with Frank Deford, Granada, 1982.  Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition, ex library book 207 pages, black and white photographs.

S6.   Knecht, GB  "The Proving Ground, The Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race" Publisher: Little Brown and Company, 2001.  Hardcover in excellent condition, dust jacket in excellent condition, black and white photographs, 294 pages.   Overview:  On December 26, 1998, 115 sailboats set out on the annual race from Sydney to Hobart; less than 24 hours later, the fleet would be shredded by hurricane force winds and battered by eighty foot waves. When it was all over, men would be dead, boats would be lost, and those who survived would be forever changed.  Only 43 would make it to the Tasmanian city, and six sailors would be dead, the race having turned into the worst modern sailing disaster since the 1979 Fastnet Race. Combining the best elements of The Perfect Storm and Barbarians at the Gate, The Proving Ground is a gripping narrative that follows the fates of three yachts, including Sayonara, owned by Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle and the world's second richest man. From the chilling explanation of how an Olympic sailor came to be catapulted from a yacht and why its crew could do nothing to save him, to the dramatic journeys of two leaky life-rafts, The Proving Ground is an exhilarating read.

S7.    Lord, David (ed) "The Best of the Last Ten Years in Australian Sport", 1978. This book is a collection of articles on a number of sports, 26 Australian sporting journalists have contributed articles. Well illustrated includes horse racing, cricket, tennis, golf, bowls, squash, football, athletics, swimming, trotting, greyhounds, boxing, rowing, motor racing, hockey and many more. pp224, in very good condition (some erased writing on f.e.p.), dust jacket in very good condition.

S8.    Marsh, Rod "The Inside Edge" Lansdowne 1983.  Hardcover in very good condition, dust jacket in very good condition except for 5cm tear near lower front RHS corner. 128 pages, glossy pages, full of black and white photographs.

S9.   Newhan, Ross  "A Complete History, The Anaheim Angels" Publisher: Hyperion Books, New York, 1st edition, 2000.  Softcover book in excellent condition, as new, black and white photographs, 372 pages.  Baseball.   Overview:  Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy, rose from the dust and poverty of Tioga, Texas, to become an entertainment and corporate legend. Despite his Midas touch, however, Autry experienced mostly frustration with the one thing closest to his heart--his Los Angeles turned California turned Anaheim Angels of the American League. A former American Legion shortstop and lifelong baseball fan, Autry was awarded the league's Los Angeles franchise in 1960 but never reached the goal of a World Series--no matter how much money was spent nor how many moves the club made trying to win one for the Cowboy. This book traces that history, covering all of the characters and controversy, all of the problems and personalities--from the zany Bo Belinsky, Dean Chance, and Leon Wagner of the early years through Nolan Ryan, Frank Tanana, Don Baylor, Bobby Grich, Reggie Jackson, and Rod Carew in the tumultuous '70s and '80s, to Chuck Finley, Mark Langston, Tim Salmon, Jim Edmonds, and Mo Vaughn amid the highs and lows of the '90s.




S13.    "Soccer World Cup 94" Ladybird Book. Hardcover in excellent condition. Front endpaper shows map of the world with countries qualifying for the 94 Cup. Flags of these 24 countries are also shown, in colour. There is space provided at the back of the book to record each round as it is played (all unfilled). Contents include: history of the World Cup, Previous World Cup Finals, Qualifying Competition, the 24 Qualifiers, The 1994 World Cup Finals, First Round, Second Round, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and 3rd Place Play-Offs, Final United States 1994. Coloured illustrations on every page.

S14.   Turner, J  "Teewinot, Climbing and Contemplating the Teton Range" Publisher: St. Martin's Press, New York, 2001.  Softcover in very good condition, black texta mark on top page edges, colour photographs,  248 pages.   "Finely detailed descriptions of trail life make readers see the specific beauty of remote ranges..  Anyone interested in difficult country and the inspiration it provides would do well to read these accounts of climbing, trekking, and thinging." This is a book about a mountain range, its climbs, its weather, and the glory of the wild. It is also about a small group of climbers- nomads who inhabit the Teton Range each summer, and who know it as intimately as it will ever be known.  Spellbinding accounts of dangerous and deadly climbs, unbridled awe at the beauty of nature, and an extreme passion for the environmental issues facing America today.

S15.   M.   Waitz, G  "On the Run, Exercise and Fitness for Busy People" Publisher: Rodale Press, Pennsylvania, 1997.  Hardcover in extremely good condition, dust jacket in very good condition, 226 pages.  
Overview:  Featured in Cosmopolitan, Newsday, and Mademoiselle, On the Run is the practical exercise program developed by champion runner and marathon winner, Grete Waitz. In her 25 year career, Waitz learned to combine grueling race schedules with year-round appearances. In On the Run, she offers advice on motivation, sensible workouts, eating right when traveling, easing into a running program, cross-training, and making fitness a family affair.  Contents: Preface, Introduction, The Life and Times of Grete Waitz, Motivation and Goals, Body Basics, Workout Fundamentals, It's All in the Mind, Running and Walking, Serious Training, Stretching and Strengthening, Cross-Training, The Fitness Lifestyle, One the Job, On the Road, Clothes and Shoes, Family Fitness, Aging, Women, Nutrition, Health from Head to Toe.