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Children's Books

C1.    Avery, H "Chums at Charlhurst" London: Thomas Nelson,  no date. Hardcover in green cloth, in very good condition, spine is faded, 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.   Black and white drawings by JR Burgess. School boy series.   Vorden had left Charlhurst abruptly as the result of a firework rag. A bad reputation is a difficult thing to live down so when there were signs that firework rags were not a thing of the past his two friends Hayle and Jesmond, are under suspicion.

C2.    Blyton, E "A Picnic Party with Enid Blyton" illustrated by Grace Lodge, c1951. Hardcover in red cloth, cover is very tatty around spine, grubby on front cover and corners show some wear, front hinge is cracked and book is just starting to get loose in bindings. Illustrated throughout, 128 pages. Stories include: What a funny thing to do, A Most peculiar bird, A hole in her pocket, Coltsfoot Magic, The Bold Bad Boy, A Surprise for Mother and Susan, An Interval for the Picnic, I dare you to, Two little Meddlers, The Swallow Fairy, He belonged to the Family, The Little Red Aeroplane, Glass on the Road, A bit of luck for Goblin.  




C6.   Chadwick, Eva, "Back Flew The Shuttle" Lutterworth Press, London, 1947. Hardcover in good condition, front of dust jacket has been stuck to the front cover, spine faded, ex library book, black and white frontispiece signed 'Bowe',  223 pages. Children's adventure story set around World War II time, in England,

C7.   Chauncy, Nan "Devils' Hill" Oxford University Press, London, 1963. Hardcover in good condition, dust jacket in good condition, ex library book,  illustrated in black and white by Geraldine Spence, 159 pages. This book is a sequel to Tiger in the Bush, and is another story of Badge, the boy who lives in a Tasmanian valley in the bush. A thrilling expedition leads him and his family deep into the wilds of unexplored mountains..........

C8.   Cheyne, Irene "Annette of River Bend" Angus & Robertson, 1947. Hardcover in very good condition, no dust jacket, 229 pages. Story of Australian children.

C9.   Cobby, Maisie and Warner, IM "100 New Rhymes and Melodies for Children" 1st edition, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, 1958.  Hardcover in very good condtion, 72 pages, lyrics and music provided. The music is simple, rhythmic and melodious in character and the words and tunes closely linked.


C11.   de Fossard  E "Koala finds a most peculiar very strange hole in the Ground" The Koala Stories - Series 2, L & S Publishing Co, 1983. Softcover book in good condition, one page has a tear which has been mended, full page colour photograph on every other page, plus drawings. Beautiful photographs of goanna, wombat, wallaby, koala, cockatoo, possum, emu, kookaburra. Lovely story revolves around the photographs. Photographs by Neil McLeod, drawings by Lynn Twelftree. 21 x 26cms, 32 pages.



C15.   "Golden Picture Book Of Cubs" Frontispiece in colour and over sixty illustrations. Published by Ward, Lock & Co London and Melbourne. Illustrated by Scott Langley. Illustrated endpapers. Hardcover. 25cm x 19cm 64 pages Printed in England by Butler & Tanner Ltd, Frome and London.



C18.   Houk, R  "Manatee on the move" The Humane Society of the United States, Publisher: Scholastic, 1997.  Softcover in very good condition, illustrated in colour by Paula Bartlett, 18 x 18 cms, 32 pages.  The delightful story of a Manatee, how he lived and where he swam, he travelled further north than Manatee's usually do and was taken back to Florida and tagged, however he swam north again and was tracked and followed, eventually returning to Florida, but getting some good publicity on the way.   Written in rhyme style with some great illustrations.  A Manatee is similar to Australia's dugong, a rare and endangered species.   Overview:  This true story fosters animal protection and environmental preservation in young children. Written in cooperation with The Humane Society of the United States.



C21.   Kostyal, K.M.  "Racoons" Publisher: National Geographic Society, 1987. As new.  Hardcover in excellent condition, great colour illustrations, 22 x 28 cms, 32 pages.  A fantastic book for children. Lots of information about Racoons, their habitats, their enemies, their physical characteristics.    Overview:  Beautiful photographs and clear text introduce the physical characteristics and habits of the raccoon to your child.



C24.   Leyland, E "Wings over the Outback" Brockhampton Press, Leicester, 1st edition, 1958. Hardcover in average condition, outer spine is almost loose from book, front of dust jacket has been stuck to front cover, internally the book is good, no scribbles or tears, 120 pages. Illustrated by John Woods. Story of some English children in the Australian outback where they have many adventures and become involved with the Flying Doctor.

C25.   Lindsay, Norman "The Magic Pudding" Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff, Angus and Robertson Publishers, 1974.  Hardcover in very good condition, black and white sketches by Lindsay throughout, 19 x 25 cms, 171 pages. Well known Australian classic children's stories.

C26.   Lister, Gladys  "The Little Round Garden" Angus & Robertson 1946. A beautiful story of fairies and children. Most pictures have been coloured in. Colour Frontispiece. Book is in good condition. Cover shows signs of wear and tear, spine has some mouse chews.




C30.   Mattingley, C "Duck Boy" Angus & Robertson Publishers, 1983. Hardcover in very good condition, ex library book, dust jacket is plastic protected, one tear on the back cover about 1 inch long, 89 pages. Illustrated by Patricia Mullins, black and white sketches. Story of a young boy and his fight to protect a family of ducks who are plagued with predators, (goanna, rats, foxes), he helps the ducks protect their eggs and raise their family.


C32.   Morris,Jill "Kolo The Bush Koala" Golden Press, 1971, illustrated by Rich Richardson. Hardcover book in very good condition, illustrated front and back endpapers. Beautifully illustrated story of a koala who has to be moved from an endangered area to a safe place.


C35.   Oxenham, EJ "The Abbey Girls in Town" The Children's Press, London and Glasgow, 1968.  Hardcover in very good condition, front cover as shown in scan, no dust jacket, 124 pages.  Another adventures from the Abbey Girls series.

C36.  Park, Ruth "The Muddle-Headed Wombat" The Educational Press, 1965. Hardcover in very good condition, a few minor scribbles on front endpaper, minor wear at corners, coloured illustrations by Noela Young, 67 pages.  Wombat, Tabby and Mouse have been firm favourites with thousands of Australian children.


C38.   Scott, K  "I was a Mouseketeer" The Inside Story about your favorite Mouseketeers, Publisher: Disney Press, First Edition, 2001.  Softcover in excellent condition, as new, 21 x 25 cms, 48 pages.  Full colour illustrations throughout.  Overview:  What do Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Felicity star Keri Russell, and 'N Sync's J.C. Chasez and Justin Timberlake have in common? They can all proudly say, "I was a Mouseketeer!" Over the years, the Mouseketeers have come to be known as the training ground for superstar talent. Now, the history of the Mouseketeers is finally revealed in this 48-page tell-all, packed with full-color photos, fabulous facts, and famous faces. What was Britney like before she became a world-famous pop star? How did little Christina feel when she was picked to be a Mouseketeer? Readers will learn all about the exciting behind-the-scenes adventures of real Mouseketeers and find out what their favorite stars were like before they made it big.   Contents: The "New" Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell, Where Are They Now?

C39.   Serventy, V "Turtle Bay Adventure" Andre Deutsch, 1st edition, 1969. Hardcover in very good condition, dust jacket in good condition, some wear to top and bottom of spine, 119 pages. Beautiful wildlife sketches in black and white by Faye Owner. The story of two children who went on holiday in the wild coastal region of North Western Australia. They made friends with two Aboriginal children and learned from his grandfather about the bush and the ways of the bush, how to survive, how to plot a direction. The children have many adventures in the bush.


C41.   Southall, Ivan "Ash Road" Angus & Robertson, 1976.  Hardcover book in excellent condition, dust jacket also in excellent condition, The Children's Book Council of Australia, BOOK OF THE YEAR 1966. Illustrated by Clem Seale, black and white illustrations. Ivan Southall is the first Australian author to receive the Carnegie Medal, his writing has been honoured on many occasions.  Ash Road is the story of a bush fire and a handful of children who gradually realise that nearly all the grown-ups have gone and they are left to face a major crisis.  



C44.   Thorpe Clark, M "Home Again at Timber Creek" Oxford University Press, 1st edition, 1950. Hardcover in red cloth in very good condition, no dust jacket, 110 pages. Australian children's story.

C45.   Twain, M "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", Complete and Unabridged, Octopus Books Limited,1987. 185 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, as new.  

C46.   Uttley, Alison "Tales of the Four Pigs and Brock the Badger" Faber and Faber, London 1942.  Illustrated by Alec Buckels pp246. Hard cover is in very shabby condition, cloth missing and spine worn, book is attached to cover but loose.  Actual pages are in good condition, no tears,  folds, scribbles or stains.  Front endpaper has an inscription on it.

C47.   Wall, Dorothy. "The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill" Angus & Robertson, 1958. Told and illustrated by Dorothy Wall.  Containing Blinky Bill, Blinky Bill Grows Up, Blinky Bill and Nutsy. Frontispiece and 4 other full colour illustration by Dorothy Wall. Many black and white illustrations.



C50.  Wrightson, P "The Crooked Snake" Hutchinson of Australia, 1973. Hardcover in very good condition, dust jacket also in very good condition, illustrated by Margaret Horder, 153 pages. Six youngsters who formed a secret society for holiday fun found there was a cause which urgently needed them as its champions. With their cameras they set out on an interesting project which, in the end, brought them great credit, but on the way they found that their most sacred spot, a bush paradise not yet declared a reserve, was threatened with invasion and destruction.

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