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Science Fiction

Science Fiction

ScF1.    Anderson, Poul "New America" Tor Books, 1985.  Softcover in good condition,  287 pages.  The benevolent, paternalistic World State regarded the freedom-minded Jeffersonians as a minor embarrassment whose violent elimination would cause more disruption than their demise would merit. So both sides were happy when the chance came for voluntary exile to a distant planet. But two hundred years later the less benevolent descendant of the World State that had let them go was to decide that the cosmos was not big enough to hold both it and a free people....  

ScF2.   Ball, B "Timepit" Dobson Books Limited, 1st edition, 1971. Hardcover in very good condition, dust jacket in very good condition, ex library book in plastic protected dust jacket. "Timepiece" told of the eerie extra-Universals who manufactured that vast and strange engine: Timepit moves on to a day when the Pivot of Time has been locked away, to keep its terrifying powers from the curious and the bold. Kelp had been a prisoner of the coma-cells when a wasp ting brought him into a sharp awareness. He leapt into action...

ScF3.  "Beyond the Stars, Tales of Adventure in Time and Space" Cathay Books Limited, 1986. Hardcover in very good condition, front cover as shown in scan, 285 pages. Black and white illustrations throughout. Space adventure, invasions by alien beings, unearthly beasts and interplanetary intrigue are the ingredients of this dazzling collection of science fiction stories, including tales by HG Wells, Jay Williams, Guy Weiner, Anne McCaffrey, Jules Verne, David Campton, Nicholas Fisk, Arthur Tofte and Arthur C Clarke and adventures from Doctor Who and Star Wars.

ScF4.   Costello, MJ "How to write Science Fiction" Marlowe and Company, New York, 1995. Softcover in "as new" condition, 144 pages. A veteran science fiction writer tells you how to create and sell believable Science Fiction. Overview: Beginning with an overview of science fiction's subgenres, Matthew Costello examines the classic works of Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov, and Orson Scott Card in order to explore the SF writing process in detail and to show you the style of writing and the approach each demands. Such as: Constructing a world, getting the science right, avoiding the hoary cliches of SF, making your characters 'real', orchestrating the threads in a complex plot, learning the basic rules of fiction, researching your story. You'll also learn about the business of science fiction with practical guidelines for getting your work published, including names and addresses of books and magazine publishers, lists of important conventions to attend, and how to act as your own literary agent.

ScF5.   Foster, AD "Startrek Log 5" Corgi Books, 1976.  Softcover in very good condition, 195 pages. As the Enterprise continues her mission into unknown realms. Captain Kirk and his crew find themselves marooned on the weird water-world of Argo, and pursued by a sea monster; Spock becomes desperately ill with a disease fatal to Vulcans; and the Skorr go on the warpath, threatening to launch a holy war against the rest of the civilized galaxy.

ScF6.   Saki (HH Munro) "Humor, Horror and the Supernatural" Scholastic Book Services, 1972. Softcover in good condition, 156 pages. Contents: Gabriel-Ernest, The Bag, Tobemory, Mrs Packletide's tiger, Sredni Vashtar, The Easter Egg, Filboid Studge, Laura, The Open Window, The Schartz-Matterklume Method, A Holiday Task, The Storyteller, The Name Day, The Lumber Room, The Disappearance of Crispina Umberleigh, The Wolves of Cernogratz, The Guests, The Penance, The Interlopers, The Mappined Life, The Seven Cream Jugs, The Gala Programme.