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Religious Books

Religious Books

R1.    "Bible Readings for the Home Circle" Vol 1, Signs Publishing Company, nd, possible '50s or '60s.  Hardcover in green cloth, 192 pages, marbled ends of pages, cracked hinges, illustrated endpapers, in good condition. Well illustrated with full page colour and full page black and white illustrations. Contents: The Bible, How to study and understand it, Sin: its origin results and remedy, the way to Christ, Life Parables and Miracles of Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Home, For the Children  

R2.    "Bible History for Schools and Families" with illustrations and maps, United Evang. Luth. Church in Australia, 1923. Hardcover in good condition, some wear to top and bottom of spine. 200 pages, black and white illustrations.

R3.    Borrelli, Don. "A Street Lamp and the Stars" The Autobiography of  Father Don Borrelli of Naples, Peter Davies, 1963, 1st edition. Hardcover in very good condition, with dust jacket in reasonable condition but worn at edges and corners and showing some tears, 206 pages, black and white photographs. Priest, Catholic, Father,  This is the personal story of Don Mario Borrelli, founder of the House of Urchins - Casa dello Scugnizzo - in Naples. Don Borrelli, went into the streets in rags and became a vagabond in order to get to know the hundreds of homeless urchins whom he was determined to save from misery, disease, corruption and crime.

R4.    Carter, I.R. "God and Three Shillings" The Story of the Brotherhood of St Laurence published by Lansdowne Press, Melbourne 1967, 1st edition. Near perfect pictorial dust jacket, book in very good condition, 173 pages, lots of full page black and white photographs. History is set in Melbourne Australia 1933 where the brotherhood was founded. Photos include housing problems in Fitzroy Melbourne, the brotherhood Carrum Downs settlement for the aged, Founder and Inheritor Father Tucker to whom the book is dedicated, detailed photographs of Brunswick Streets property slums as well as the cottage industry established by Carrum Downs residents to further the work of the Brotherhood. Common housing photographs from the 1930's Armadale, East Brunswick, Fitzroy as well as the former St Laurence Chapel in Argo Street, South Yarra. The Brotherhood successfully established one of the leading salvage depots in Victoria. This is a detailed historical record for the first thirty years of the Brotherhood.

R5.    Lang, T "The Word and the Sword" New English Library, London, 1976. Softcover in very good condition, 507 pages.  This unforgettable and controversial novel about a period in history that was to shape the world is the story of Pilate and is told through his eyes. it vividly portrays the mad Emperor Tiberius, the corruption of Caiaphas and Annas, the fanatical Zealots and the coldly scheming Herod in the seething state of Palestine.



R8.   Tvedten, Benet  "The View From the Monastery" Publisher: Dutton Books, New York, 1999.  Hardcover in very good condition, 193 pages.   Overview:  Brother Benet Tvedten, a 40-year resident of Blue Cloud Abbey, the South Dakota monastery featured in Kathleen Norris' The Cloister Walk, chronicles the gentle rhythms and established patterns of monastic life. To clarify some common misconceptions and to introduce readers to the somewhat alien concept of communal living, Brother Benet provides a brief analysis of the Rule of St. Benedict, emphasizing the qualities of responsibility, honesty, temperance, simplicity, and stability. In addition, the author also includes his personal history, the history of Blue Cloud Abbey, some of the more intriguing legends and stories associated with the Benedictine order, a brief synopsis of daily work routines and prayer rituals, and a host of poignant and amusing anecdotes about fellow monks. A delightful insider's view of an often misunderstood and misrepresented lifestyle.  Tvedten reflects on his life at Blue Cloud Abbey; on the choices he has made; on the changes, over the years, in Benedictine life, and on the various monks with whom he has shared his life. A skilled storyteller, he continually dodges our expectations, demonstrating that the monastery, just like the world outside it, is a place filled with life in all of its blessed contradictions.