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Modern Reproductions - Soft feather prints

Modern Reproductions - Soft feather prints

Here are some high quality reproductions of original prints. They are 21 x 30 cms, A4 size on high quality paper.    $10 each.


Gold and Silver Campines
AJ Simpson 1912
The Feathered World

Plymouth Rocks, Barred Trio

Barred Plymouth Rocks
AO Schilling 1930
Poultry Tribune

Buff Plymouth Rocks
Ludlow 1897
The Feathered World

Belgian Bantams

Belgian Bantams
Millefleur d'Uccle Cock
Porcelaine d'Uccle Hen
Blue d'Anvers Hen
Black d'Anvers Cock
H Hoyle 1931
The Feathered World

Wyandottes, Gold Laced

Golden Laced Wyandottes
LA Stahmer
Poultry Tribune 1930


AJ Simpson
The Feathered World 1926

Orpingtons, Jubilee

Spangled and Jubilee Orpingtons
AF Lydon
The Feathered World

Orpingtons, White

White Orpingtons
AF Lydon
Feathered World

Sussex, Buff

Buff Sussex
AJ Simpson
The Feathered World

Baby Chicks, Schilling

Baby Chickens
AO Schilling 1944
Poultry Tribune

Wyandottes Bantams

Wyandotte Bantams
Partridge, Blue, White, Black
AF Lydon
The Feathered World

Sussex, Red

Red Sussex:- supplement to The Feathered World, signed A.J. Simpson.

Langshans, Croad

Croad Langshans
AF Lydon
The Feathered World

Minorcas, Black
This print by Ludlow of the "Poultry" Magazine depicts a pair of Black Minorcas. 29cm x 23cm (11.5inches x 9inches) including margins. The print is in very good condition and very attractive. This print was issued as a supplement to the Poultry Magazine from England

Minorca, Black MacNab

Champion Black Minorca Cockerel, Bred and Exhibited by Lord Dewar,
Winner in 1924 at Olympia of the Supreme Championship of the show and numerous other awards.

Supplement to THE FEATHERED WORLD, February 13, 1925.

Minorca, Buff

Single comb Buff Minorcas, by L Stahmer, supplement to Poultry Tribune, 1928.

Minorca, White

Single comb White Minorcas by L Stahmer, supplement to Poultry Tribune, 1927.

Andalusian Pair, Stahmer

Single combed Blue Andalusian pair
Poultry Tribune 1925

Buff Orpington
A Schilling
Poultry Tribune 1931

Rhode Island Red
Poultry Tribune 1924

Dorking Pair, Silver Grey, Stahmer

Silver Grey Dorking Pair

Sebright, Silver Stahmer, 1925

Silver Sebright Bantams
Poultry Tribune 1925

The three directly below are $10, they are on A4 but need trimming around the edges, will come out as 20 x 26 cms.  

Hamburghs, Red Black Spangled

Red Black Spangled Hamburghs
Harrison Weir 1900

Leghorn, White

White Leghorn
Harrison Weir 1900

Below are very good modern reproductions of some old favourites, these ones measure 15 x 21 cms, are in perfect condition, and would look great framed.  $3.00 each.

Yokahama and Polish print

Yokahama and Polish together on the same print.   Wippell 1912, from Poultry World.

Coloured Leghorns

Leghorns - Pile, Cuckoo and Golden Duckwing by Wippell.

These last six prints are 21 x 29 cms, very good modern reproductions of some old favourites, they would look great framed together or could be separated.  $5.00 each.

Rhode Island White with Mottled Houdans Fowl

Rhode Island Whites and Mottled Houdans both by Stahmer.

Black Polish and Light Brahmas

White Crested Black Polish with
Light Brahmas
both by L Stahmer.

Columbian Wyandottes & Cornish

Columbian Wyandottes by Stahmer and
Dark Cornish (Indian Game)
by Schilling.

4 in 1
Rhode Island White
Columbian Wyandotte
Mottled Houdan
Dark Cornish (Indian Game

4 in 1
White Crested Black Polish
White Leghorns
Light Brahmas
Buff Orpingtons