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The Great Comet of 2007 - C/2006 P1 McNaught

The brightest comet to be seen in 42 years, approached to within 0.17 AU of the Sun on Jan 12, 2007, where it achieved a maximum brightness of magnitude -5.5, exceeding Venus in brilliance and observable during the daytime hours. See my photographic record of this spectacular event here

Eclipse Mongolia 2008

Canon 300D digital camera and 300mm zoom lens cropped. ISO 100.
combined 2x1 second exposures. Unsharp mask processing. Note the intricate detail in the coronal filaments, marking the magnetic field lines of the Sun. You can also see subtle detail on the lunar surface. The Magnitude 4.0 star delta Cancri can be seen to the lower right.

Canon 300D digital camera and 300mm zoom lens cropped. ISO 100.
Exposure times from left to right. 1sec, 1/200, 1/200.
Taken near Bulgan gol in western Mongolia.

Unsharp masking to reveal detail in the corona.

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