All photos here were taken with a Celestron C11 telescope operating at f/3.3 and Starlight Express MX7colour CCD camera, processed with Astroart2 using Mike's MX colour synthesis v 1.14 plugin.

NGC 5139 "Omega Centauri" globular cluster

IC434 "Horsehead" nebula in Orion

M16 "Eagle" Nebula in Sagittarius

M8 "Lagoon" Nebula in Sagittarius

M17 "Swan" Nebula in Sagittarius

NGC 3372 "Keyhole" Nebula in Carina

M104 "Sombrero" galaxy in Virgo

NGC 5128  "Hamburger" galaxy in Centaurus

NGC 2997 spiral galaxy in Antlia

M83 spiral galaxy in Hydra

NGC 253 spiral galaxy in Sculptor.