Comet resources on the WWW

The World Wide Web is the place to search if you’re seeking further information about comets.

Below are some of the sites that I regularly use to keep up to date.

Seiichi Yoshida’s home page at

This is an excellent website with plenty of comet information. Here you will find such things as weekly updated information on all visible comets (down to 17th magnitude), visual comets in the future, comets waiting for first observation and a comet rendezvous calendar. Also useful is the complete comet catalogue from periodic to non periodic comets. Also check out the "comet for windows" software freely available for downloading. You can display light curves of comets using observations from around the world, calculate the magnitude formula based on those data, predict future brightness of comets, make a plan to observe comets, draw charts ect.

The Catalogue of Comet Discoveries home page at

Will keep you up to date with latest comet findings all on the one webpage. The news items are basically extracted from the International Astronomical Union circulars (for those that can’t afford subscription!)

Comet Information and the ICQ at

The International Comet Quarterly is a key place to begin looking for useful and accurate information regarding news, observations, orbital data, designations and names, and good links regarding comets and related topics.

The British Astronomical Association Comet Section website at

Has plenty of comet information including the downloadable 6 monthly newsletter "The Comets Tale", packed with professional comet information and amateur observations. For those comet observers wishing to contribute observations to the BAA or the International Comet Quarterly, there is a freely downloadable program to convert observations into respective formats.

The comets mailing list on Yahoo Groups at

This group is for observers and anyone else interested in comets. This includes discussion about visual, photographic and CCD observing as well as about astrometric, orbital, photometric, hunting or historical aspects. Observations should be posted at a parallel list CometObs, and images at a parallel list Comet-Images

Comet orbit home page at

Lists the orbits of all past, current and future comets and displays a daily ephemeris of the brighter comets.

Comet Chasing website at

Provides visibility information from various latitudes, current brightness information and comet finder charts.

Comet Photography at

See comet photographs from some of the finest astrophotographers in the world, Michael Jager and Gerald Rehmann.

German Comet Section:

Dutch Comet Section:

Gary Kronk's Cometography page: