Greeting cards from 1973 to 1982

The cards were started back in the days when I was really getting in to photography and Alenka and I decided that instead of sending some commercial mass produced cards to family and friends we would try to make our own.

Over the years we have tried to make the photo symbolic of some major event or development in our lives together - not always the greatest photography but lots of fun for us- Mind you we aren't sure what the friends and family thought of the cards because - like so many things one does in life - there has been very little feed back over the years

Our belief is most of them probably either think we are too mean to buy "proper cards" or just that we are a weird couple who like seeing ourselves in photos :-)

Nevertheless in hindsight I am glad we have persisted - we missed out a few years and in some years when there has been a death in the family or such we have reverted to written messages only but all in all we are glad we persisted with the photos or sketches and hope you may get some smiles from our efforts and perhaps help bankrupt the card manufacturers by taking on similar projects for youself.


This was the first year while we were living in Whyalla in a Departmental house when we decided to "personalise" our greeting cards to family and friends


1974 : Strictly speaking this was not a card but was the year we bought our "old girl" in Moonta - the camera I used had no delayed exposure so I had to use a long time exposure , press the shutter then run to stand alongside Alenka - it almost worked!


Xmas 1974 - The first year - and proud owners of the "old girl" - The Union Bank building in Moonta .


Xmas 1975 : Trying to recapture the feeling of the old Cornish kitchens of the region


Xmas 1976 : Taken in the front room and showing off our lovely new carpeted floor all 38 feet by 18 feet wide of it - after our small departmental houses it was magic to have so much space - mind you we rattled around in its emptiness for a few years


1977 - The year of paisley shirts , Sonny and Cher and we bought some old furniture and were determined to master a keyboard - never have personally although Alenka can find middle C very quickly!


1978 and we had started on our major renovations - we had already reroofed, new gutters and exterior sewerage etc. , electrically rewired, replumbed, painted, carpeted and otherwise tidied up but this was to be our "big one" - Have you ever seen the movie "The Money Pit"? It is not funny!! What a nightmare.


1979 was the year of the Kadina Primary School Centenary - which, as Deputy Principal, I was heavily involved with so it seemed appropriate as our subject for the year - also reflected on how we felt after all the fuss died down .


1980 and on our road to recovery - we went vegetarian, ran miles each day , built a gymnasium full of apparatus - my only welding success ever:-) - and generally got ourselves physically in shape - well as best as our genetics would let us . Arnold Schwartznegger had no worries


1981 and we are heavily into pistol shooting as a new found interest / hobby - Alenka went on to take out many events at both the Kadina and Maitland Clubs. Maitland had rarely been exposed to the women on the range and certainly not one who could take out competitions against the men. I did pretty well too but then I had to try harder to keep up with Alenka :-))


1982 and the world of computers and computing entered our lives - the beloved old BBC 64kb of RAM and a wonder to all who beheld!! And it used your basic TV to boot :-))


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